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This is all about empowering Muslims
This is all about empowering Muslims
“I'm really thankful for these lessons. They are a game changer as I was intimidated by Arabic but now I'm excited to practice. Thank you for all the help, it's fun and rewarding!”

Rafiq Abdul Latif

“I pray may Allah make you as successful in your future classes as well. I appreciate your feedback and answers to my questions for clarifications and better understanding of Arabic language throughout the class.”

Djeneba Diakite

“Thanking the Athan Academy team for creating an amazing class, I have enjoyed  every bit of it. My teacher is very helpful as he makes sure I say every letter right which I love the most.”

Markeh Jawara

“This app is truly helpful for me. In my daily routine I don't have much time for the recitation of Quran but with this app I don't only recite it, but learnt to recite Quran perfectly.

Afshana Khan

“This app gives me hope that I can still learn and understand Quranic Arabic. The quality of the content delivered is top notch and covers the basics every beginner needs. Thank you for this amazing app.

Adeyemi Niniola

“I am taking the Quran recitation course, and everything is explained thoroughly, with practice exercises and assignments to help you succeed and improve. The feedback from the teacher along the way is crucial, and you can chat back and forth if any questions come up.”

Khalid Cary

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