How to raise your teenagers in the Western world?

By Shaykh Ibad Wali
Unlock your potential and embrace your identity as a young Muslim on this transformative journey to self discovery, resilience and confidence.
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Based on a practical learning
Discover Your Role
Empower yourself by understanding your role at a personal and communal level
Develop a Growth Mindset
Enhance your critical thinking skills to understand the modern day challenges under the Islamic lens
Counter Modern Challenges
Learn specific tips and techniques to address these challenges with a solution oriented approach
Become Self Confident
Apply what you learn on real life situations to become more confident in your Muslim identity
Difficulty Level:
Learning Mode:
Videos and Community Discussions
Optimal time required:
1 hour 15 minutes
Learning Material:
Video Lessons and Reflection Prompts
Lessons Plan

Shaykh Ibad welcomes you to his course on empowering Muslim teens by giving a brief overview and dives deep into understanding peer pressure and countering it the right way.

  • Introduction
  • Peer pressure, its types and how to counter it

This lesson will help you identify your personal Muslim identity, its significance and differences from others. It will allow you to develop self confidence and equip you to understand the cultural gaps between generations along with solutions on how to boost your identity as a Muslim.

In this lesson, you will learn how to understand pressures related to discrimination and Islamophobia along with 6 ways they can be countered including the significance of the Islamic community.

In this lesson, get to know the role of media in building anti-Islamic narratives through the instructor's personal examples and the 4 ways in which to develop resilience against them.

This lesson will cover the importance of having the right balance in life and how to achieve that balance between your faith and modern lifestyle with specific strategies on balancing your social life, creating positive environments and much more.

It is designed for English speaking individuals of all ages who want to learn Quran recitation from the very basics. Whether you are a non-Arabic or an Arabic-speaker, this class will teach you to read the Quran on your own in 12 weeks only.Learn about the two categories of obligatory knowledge, the all important 4 questions you need to ask yourself and the expert advice on answering those questions in search of the right path towards an Islamic identity.

This section highlights the importance of Islamic knowledge in building and uniting the Islamic community and the role played by individuals, religious leaders, parents etc. in forming this communal unity.

Meet your Instructor
Shaykh Ibad Wali
Shaykh Ibad Wali is the Executive Director & Resident Scholar of Hillside Islamic Center, New York. He is also an Aalim Course Instructor at Darul Uloom New York. Shaykh Ibad completed the rigorous seven-year ‘Alimiyyah program with numerous authentic certifications in various Islamic sciences including Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, and their methodologies. He also did his Master's in Middle Eastern studies from Graduate Institute in New York.